What We Did Today!

Wednesday, September 20

Today was an interesting day.  There were some long drawn out scenarios which is still fairly new for this group.  The first and longest was a wedding.  Aesa announced in circle that she and Otto were getting married so she would be in dramatic play area.  From there, it developed into a wedding planner’s operation.  The other ladies, I’m not sure if they were also brides or bride’s maids, dressed for the occasion while Aesa chose a smart black dress with a veil attached to her crown.  They decided that they needed a wedding cake, so Julianna took them over to the playdough table and they started creating.  I wish I could post pictures on the site so that you could see what they came up with, but with Avery, Marcus and Aesa working together, the cake was amazing.  As a matter of fact, others at the play dough table, Barkley and Lucy, decided they needed to make a cake also bringing others into the script.  After finishing the cake, Lucy helped prepare a meal for after the wedding and Aesa, Mae and Lillian chose their flower bouquets.  By now, Otto is nervously letting Aesa know that the wedding was already starting and she needed to hurry.  At this point I was checking on the other play happening which was pirate oriented.  This also lasted a while, but not in the way the wedding did.  It was, of course, more about sword fighting and treasure.  The kids have found a way to pretend sword fight without hurting anyone.  This is the part that made me so happy!  One of the pirates, Easton, was so decked out, he put the Swiss bells on his arms making it look like the old cuffs of pirate jackets only a little louder.

Clean-up went pretty well today and as I had an appointment at noon and Heidi was subbing for me, it made the transition easier.  My thanks to Heidi for subbing, and to Julianna and Kristen for helping out today!