What We Did Today!

Tuesday, September 19

Today we celebrated Liam’s 4th birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  There were many kids helping off and on with the making of the cake.  It was a great success as shown by the amount of chocolate on faces.

Many of the kids were outside climbing on the structure as well as digging in the sand.  I wasn’t out, but I did discover a couple of pairs of socks left out there.

We made soup out of some of the dramatic play cooking items and had fun sharing it with each other.  The loose parts have stopped much of the  movement of sand to the kitchen which makes me happy!

The art table had colored pencils, oil pastels, and crayons for drawing.  Some of the kids tested the various tools while others preferred adding play dough to the table.  The play dough movement became so big that as soon as the cake was finished, we had to shift to the long table in order to accommodate everyone.  As Sarah said, this is a very sensory oriented group.

The water table became our major learning area today.  We weren’t learning about fish, fishing poles, or nets, but rather how to ask, “may I use the pole when you are done?”  There are only three working poles and upon entering everyone wanted a pole.  Margot found the nets and used them until a pole was available.  Others waited fairly patiently.

The dinosaurs were busy either hiding from the scary, mean ones or trying to eat the quiet ones.  There were so many eggs with them, I asked Sebastian J. if they were dinosaur eggs or were they eggs for food.  I said they were food for the mean scary dinosaurs.

My thanks to Sarah and Brittani for all of their help today.