Monday, Sepptember 18 - What We Did Today!

Monday, September 18

Today we celebrated Dashel’s 5th birthday with a song and lemon cake.  There were four bakers helping Summar and boy did they do a great job.  With the longer day and more structured time, the kids are exhausted by 11:30 to 12:00.  Their ability to listen, stay focused, and problem solve was very low.  So, I was reminded of last year and how songs and finger plays helped bring them a little more together to listen to stories.

The guinea pigs, Bill and Sun, were back and skittering away from most on lookers.  Later, Lillian and Aria were able to hold them for a bit before they were definitely done.

In dramatic play, I removed the cornmeal and added some nature items such as cones, bark, moss and so forth.  The idea being that the sand and cornmeal were being incorporated into the kitchen because the children were creating meals.  They were not wanting to just put a plastic piece of fruit on a plate for lunch.  All things considered, I think the switch was a good move.  There were more kids playing with the nature items as they added things to the pot or plate. 

The pirates came out today in full glory.  There were eye patched pirates, captains, and treasure hunters.  The games included stealing treasure, sword fighting, and burying treasure. 

We continued with our fishing poles in the water table which may start some magnets elsewhere.

Dash was building some amazing building with the cardboard blocks, while Otto was making a horse out of paper by cutting out shapes and taping them together.  Henry was busy at the woodworking table along with Marcus and Avery.

My thanks to Summar and Michelle for all of their patience and help today!