What We Did Today - September 15

Friday, September 15

Today we were very busy.  The kids were moving from inside to outside and center to center.  There was gross motor skill practice as well as fine motor.  All in all, it was a great day.

I went outside for a bit to see what was going on there and spotted Easton, Dashel, and Barkley doing some good problem solving.  What does one do when you have 3 kings?  How do you solve which ones have weapons?  They handled it without too much difficulty.  Avery was working among these said kings fixing and rebuilding parts of the castle – “It’s a ship!” – um, ship.

Play dough was its regular favorite activity.  At one point, there were seven kids working with play dough at the same time.  I heard lots of “May I have that when you are done?”  As well as, “thank you” as they worked on separate projects.

We were fishing with poles instead of nets today and seemed to do well sharing the four poles and waiting for the next available pole.

I have started out this year with nothing but glue, scissors, and paper scraps on the art table.  I want the kids to explore what is in the art cubbies, to create whatever they are in the mood to create.  This is always difficult because they want an idea or instructions.  The longer I push the create your own art, the better chance they will be able to make their art about them not about a craft.  Process is huge in art, but can take a lot of prodding.

In an attempt to keep the sand in the sand table, I added some cornmeal to the kitchen.  Most of the sand stayed in the sand table, but the cornmeal was everywhere in the dramatic play area!  It was a bit easier to clean up.

My thanks to Marya and Jessica for all of their help today even if we did need earphones!