What We Did Today!

Thursday, September 14

Today was our official first day!  Everyone was here and everyone appeared to have a good time.  We have an aide for our classroom from the county, Liz, who added another presence to the room allowing me more time to get to those needing help.  Liz will be her for about 6 weeks so be sure to say hi and introduce yourself.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to greet you at the door today but I promise to be there on Tuesday.

This is a time for learning the schedule, the areas, and the other kids.  Most of the kids made it through all of the areas or centers of the classroom and we said each other’s names.  We even had a few opportunities to ask for something that someone else has when they are through.  Regrouping after gym is a bit difficult, so we will come up with an alternative plan to bring the energy down.

The water table was well used and for very different purposes.  I began as a red pond with fish, nets, and some bug catchers.  Later, the dinosaurs made their way over and began eating the fish (who knew?), by the end of the day, there were some fish, some dinosaurs, and shells and sand.

The train track was started up early but then abandoned for other things.  Along came another child to add to it only to choose abandonment also.  By the time clean-up arrived, I noticed one last attempt only to end in abandonment as well.  Perhaps I will set up a track ahead of time in order to allow more continuity.

The kitchen was heavily used again today.  The idea of bringing in the sand as a substance in the kitchen is very enticing.   I think I will need to and oatmeal or cracked corn to the kitchen so that the sand can stay in the sand table.

My thanks to Kyle and Kari for all of their help today!