What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Easton’s fifth birthday with vanilla cake and a song!  Eleven out of 15 kids were busy making the cake.  I think that is a record.  Our first day was both fun and educational.  We were able to work on conflict resolution and remind kids that by talking through problems, they may find a simple solution.  I may have to send them to Washington and teach some officials how that works.

Please be sure to introduce yourself to our newest student, Marcus.  He did an amazing job joining in without knowing anyone.  He, Avery, and Aesa were all busy at the workbench today using the hand drills.  Much patience is needed while working your way through the wood.

Outside, Aria and Easton were working with the water barrel and sand.  I dropped a box of outdoor toys that I was given in the grassy area.  It wasn’t long before the kids were checking it out to see what was available.  Avery and Aesa were working on the structure.  I’m not sure if they were fixing or tearing down and rebuilding, but I’m sure they were improving our space.

Inside, Henry, Marcus, Mae and I created a track while Dashel and Barkley were building behind us.  This caused a need to work through some problems, but ultimately, everyone was enjoying their play.  Barkley and Dashel’s castle was taller than they, but it was knocked down before I got a picture.

After snack, I asked the kids to pick a book to read.  After the second “But I can’t read” I asked them to read the pictures.  They don’t believe that’s possible, but eventually, get it and enjoy “reading” stories to other kids.  Have them practice this with you at home.  It gives them confidence, allows them to practice turning pages the correct way and they notice things in the pictures from which they get hints of what is going on.

My thanks to Kerri and Kymberli for all of their help today!