Wednesday, August 9 - What We Did Today!


Today we had a very long circle talking about boats on the water.  We looked at pictures of various boats and then headed to the art table to create our own boats.  We had paper plates, aluminum foil, sticks, and other pieces of scrap to work with.  We even had some water to test our boats out to see if they floated.  Otto decided to try putting a cork under his boat to keep it above the water.  Simon was going to use flat wood sticks to create a pontoon boat.  It was great listening to the suggestions they came up with.  Mae was having so much fun with the scissors that she made several sea monsters.  While all of this was going on, Josh was talking to them about ballast and keel giving the kids new vocabulary to work with.

The ocean in the water table received its’ regular crowd.  A fresh basket of shells was quickly added to the sand and water for animals to hide in and under.  We have shells, corral, sponges, sand, rocks, and sea animals in the ocean. 

There were many campers today. Aria and Finn went camping with their kitties.  Lillian found herself with four brand new, just born puppies.  She used the camp fire wood to build a nice fire to keep them warm while she bathed and feed them.  Shane was making food as well and serving it to Avery.

The train area is blocked with the play ocean we made.  I brought out some train track and the trains for Henry to build with.  He, Edie, and Simon built their own track using the pieces we brought out.  Others joined in off and on creating a wonderful community play.  Edie added some blocks for houses and buildings making the space much more elaborate.

Next week is our last summer day camp.  My thanks to Josh for all of his help today!