What We Did Today!

Wednesday, August 16

Today we celebrated Edie and Jessica’s birthdays with cupcakes Jessica brought for snack!  With seven kids and three adults, life was easy, at least for the adults, the kids still had things to work out and practice to do so.  We finished up our summer camp with an ocean in a bottle.  The kids used sand and shells to put into a bottle, added water, and created sea animals to put in the bottle also.  The sea creatures were self-designed or traced from some cut outs.  They colored them with permanent markers, cut them out, and then shrunk them in the oven.  Josh reminded me that #5 plastic works as Shrinky-dink material as well.  Just draw and color your picture, cut it out and bake in a 300-degree oven for two to three minutes.  If you find yourself with a rainy day this fall, try it, the kids will love it.

At the sand table, kids were molding and squashing the sand.  There were four of them early on marking territory around the table.  As the sand began to disappear, there was a need for “rules” or an understanding.  Just whose castle can you smash?  How do you stop someone from riding a truck over work?  How much sand can you keep on your side?  For the most part, they did well with minimal help.  It was wonderful to listen when they could figure out how to proceed without adults putting their two bits in.

Camping and cooking were a big draw today.  Shane was cooking up a storm and passing it to other kids, as was Lillian.  Henry, Simon, and Edie were setting up the train track and working the trains around without running into each other.  Otto, Avery and I were reading about sharks.  Otto already knows quite a bit, but even he was surprised when we saw pictures of two egg cases.  One was from a horn shark and it looked like a spiral shell, the other a dogfish shark which is more like a purse.

My thanks to Anya and Jessica for all of their help today!