Wednesday, July 5

Today was day 2 of Chrysalis Camp.  We had 8 kids who all worked hard.  Our first circle, although very hectic, allowed us to talk about the animals in the ocean.  We picked our favorites and several kids headed to the art table to create a three-dimensional version.  We had a turtle, fish, octopus, sea horse and coral.  These will be added to our mural in process once finished.

Our water table ocean had additions to it today. First Aria asked if she could put sand in the ocean.  Is there sand in the ocean?  Yes.  Then yes, you may put sand in our ocean.  She had many helpers once she started.  I think the sand table is close to empty!  Edie wanted to have more shells and did so.  At one point, I asked how the fish were going to be able to live with all the shells taking up space.  Edie turned over a shell and said, “These are their homes to hide in.”  And right she was, many sea animals use shells and rocks to hide in.

Not one soul asked to go outside, thank goodness!  Many of you heard and/or saw the drums coming up from the gym.  We had a drumming practice going on while learning what different sounds we could make with our cans.  Mae was also working with music before we left for gym playing the guitar.  She tried to find someone else to play music with her, but at that time, the ocean was a larger pull.

Avery was busy at the work table and asked Otto to work with him. Otto was busy with his octopus so he asked Avery to build a rocket for him.  Having agreed to do that, he walk over to Otto tape measure in hand and said, “About this big?” as he pulled the tape out a certain distance.  Umm, no, this big.” Showing Avery on the tape measure how big it should be.

Okay, now that you heard how much fun we all had, can you find out where they were learning science, technology, engineering, art, and math otherwise known as STEAM?

My thanks to Teresa, Lillian’s grandma for all of her help today.