Tuesday, July 25 - What We Did Today!


Today we started out talking about sculptures made with scrap (found items).  We read a story about a Dad who welded scrap metal together to make sculptures.  Realizing that we couldn’t weld because we didn’t have the right gear, the heat used is way too hot to be done in the classroom, and we were concerned about possible fire, we decided to use scrap materials along with glue, tape and or staples. 

The kids decided what they wanted to make and then headed to the table to choose the scrap items they wanted to use to create their sculptures.  We had a camera, a flying robot, a playground, and a snow ground to name just a few.  Most of our sculptures were horizontal rather than vertical.  Ezra created upwards while making his rocket ship and Djuna with her playground.

The second part of our day, we talked about color, how different colors make you feel warm while others make you feel cold, how some colors look good together and others do not, and how some colors help to make other colors “pop” or disappear.  Thinking somewhat like Kandinsky, we each had 6 colors of paper to make 3 different size circles.  The difficult part was tracing the circles on the papers.  We cut out the circles on our own or with help from Hazel, Rebecca, or Sam.  The final part of the project is to stack the three circles on top of each other leaving something like a target.  The kids had to choose which colors to put together without duplicating a color.  It was great listening to the kids talk about which colors they liked together and why.

My thanks to Hazel and Rebecca for all of their help today!