Monday, July 24 - What We Did Today!


Welcome to day one of art camp!  We have nine kids enrolled, one parent helper, one alumni helper and myself.  We began the day asking the question, “What is art?”  Noah responded that it was when you make something with your hands.  Ezra said it was being creative.  Put the two together and you get a great definition of art, creating something with your hands. 

I read “What’s Art?” from our Click magazine.  It shared some different types of media artists may use – painting, photography, paper, medal, stone, and cloth.  They spoke of art as telling a story, mood, or feeling.  Then we looked at some different types of art and tried to decide what the story or emotion might be.

After circle, we went to the tables and “played” with clay.  We pounded, squished, pinched and flattened. Once we had the feel of clay we created different things knowing that they were going to be destroyed before snack.

The second part of clay play was to choose an amount of clay and put it into a shape.  Now we would create something by pulling, pinching, and stretching the clay.  Isla was visiting us and she made a dog by pulling clay from one end to make a leg and then another.  Hannah made a pinch pot using her thumb and fingers to pinch the sides of the pot. She even used tools to add texture to the piece.  Flynn made a duck and then a nest for his duck.  Noah made a butterfly pinching and pulling clay to form the wings.  Eleanor made a turtle, Ezra made a rocket ship, Andre made a picture, and Djuna made a tadpole. 

I really enjoyed watching them work through how they were going to pull the clay in order to make it look like a leg or wing.  They were working well with each other and helping others out when needed.  My thanks to Bridgit and Hazel for all their help today!