Wednesday, July 19 - What We Did Today!

Wednesday, July 19

Today my friend Sam came in to help out.  The kids loved her and she did a great job.  She will be with us again on the 2nd of August.  At circle, we asked yet again what was in the ocean and what we have in our ocean.  We realized that we didn’t have any plants in our ocean as of yet.  I brought out a box of sea sponges for the kids to look at, smell, and hold.  They noticed that they were hard, some were smooth while others were pokey, and they had small holes in them.  They then put them in our ocean and watched as the sponges began to change.  “they’re softer.”  “They’re squishy!”  were the main comments.

We added plant life to our mural by putting a string of yarn into a paint dish and splashing it on the paper.  This was fun to do and added a different texture to the mural.  The kids were working in large groups the entire morning.  The water table was full to capacity as the sponges were introduced.  Creating scripts around the sea life.  Lillian was looking to play with someone at the sand table so I asked if anyone was interested in checking out the sand table.  Just like a school of fish, 6 kids turned together and headed to the sand table where they played together for 20-30 minutes.

Sam took two kids outside for a short time.  It was even too hot for them.  When they returned, they headed to the camp site.  Avery once again build a fire rubbing sticks to start a blaze.  He cooked trout, eggs, and rolls.  Shane was also cooking up a storm.

At the art table, the kids created their own underwater scene as viewed through a porthole.  I saw fish, shells, water, sand, and an octopus.

During the last five minutes until snack, about three kids were playing with the marble run Shane had built, three were building with the Legos, and three moving between the widgets and Mr. Potato head.

My thanks to Sam and Kristen for all of their help today!