Wednesday, July 12 - What We Did Today!


Today we had 9 kids working and enjoying each other’s company.  We began with our morning circle which was a bit hectic as kids jumped up to talk to me whenever they had a thought!  Most of them became engaged when we read a big book about the sea and what is in the sea.  Then off they went.

Camping has evolved with the change of players in the dramatic play area.  Today started out with Avery and I building a campfire.  Aria and Finn joined us to put the wood and rocks in the right places.  Then Avery takes a stick, puts it upright in the middle of the wood pile and begins rubbing it to make friction in order to get a spark.  He then tells me he needs to give the fire oxygen as he blows on the wood.  Aria goes from there adding a pot and stirring various foods together.  Finn continues stirring while Aria runs to get some oil for the pot (moon sand.)  This continues for a while until night fall, lights out, fire out, sleeping bags and searching for our missing camper.  The script was picked up a few other times during the morning.

Outside Andrew had Henry, Edie, and Simon working in the sand box digging and burying cars and trucks.  Mae was busy sweeping up the sand on the rubber turf.  These kids played really well together for a good 30 minutes.  They’ve come a long way.

Lillian, Avery, Finn and Aria were busy with the moon sand in the dry table.  If you haven’t checked this substance out, be sure to next time you are in.  It looks a bit like kinetic sand, but is very different.  It will hold together as if you had water in sand to make sand castles.  And that was the main use of it today.  Later, I hope they will discover the imprint capability it has by using shells and other devices to press into it.

Shane joined us a bit late, but came right in, found the trains and cars and started working with me.  His script was one using an ambulance which allowed me to add person who called 911 for help.

My thanks to Andrew, Margaret, and Anya for all of their help!