What We Did Today!

Wednesday, June 28

Today was our first day of Chrysalis camp.  We had eight kids, a parent helper, a student helper – Anya – and me.  The kids did a great job joining circle first thing.  This is new for them, but they handled it well.  We talked about the ocean and created a web.  The kids told me what they know about the ocean (main ideas), then as they became more detailed, specifics were written by the main idea.  For instance, the first main idea was animals.  As the kids thought more about this, they began naming animals that were in the ocean.  This gives us a place to start as we begin to create an ocean ourselves.  The animal topic was by far the most popular, so we added ocean animals to the water.  The main ideas the group came up with were animals, birds, water, rocks, shells, and plants.

The majority of the kids began around the water table checking out all of the fish and sea animals.  They asked for nets, but we only had two so we made some using netting from foods and old frames of hand nets.  They were busy catching whatever they could.  At the art table, we had colored sand to create with.  Most of the kids were more interested in creating mixtures, but several used the colors and glue to create a picture.

At the sensory table, mural paper was set up with finger paint and brushes to create a backdrop for our ocean.  In the dry table, there is sand with various containers to fill.  Some of the kids asked me for shells, so we added a basket of shells to the options table.  I think the entire basket ended up in the table with the sand eventually.

In dramatic play, we have a camp site complete with sleeping bags, a fire, and lanterns.  Everyone did a great job, including Anya and Ali!