What We Did Today!

Tuesday, May 9

Today most of the kids jumped right in.  They knew what they wanted to do and they began immediately.  Others took a bit of time feeling comfortable and eventually found a place to start.  For some this was listening to a story with Marya, others worked on their Mommy’s day present.

Outside, Michelle was busy all day with the various kids playing in the dirt and on the play structure.  We had fishing in the water table which was very popular in the morning, but calmed down as we neared the end of the day.  The play dough was made into lots of different pancakes and tortillas.  The kids really like to use the tortilla press.

The dry table has dirt and some worms.  At one end, I have added torn newspaper, compostable material, and water with the intention of keeping the worms alive long enough to place into our garden once we begin planting.  We have seeds of various types on the discovery table to be sorted, classified. Or whatever else seems interesting to the kids. 

The doctor’s office has been well used.  If you check it out you will find dolls and animals with bandages everywhere.  I enjoy the skits that come from the doctor play.  “He needs his medicine” or “I can’t hear a heartbeat.  We need to give her medicine.”  At this age, they are mainly about medicine and bandages while next year they will know more about the doctor and act out some of their knowledge.

Near the end of free time, the music started playing.  At first, it was just a ukulele.  Then a drum was added and finally some bells.  Next thing I knew we had a parade going through the classroom and back to the loft to change instruments and back out again.  It was fun to see how the kids took up instruments as they saw Avery and Otto marching through the classroom.

My thanks to Marya and Michelle for all of their help!