What We Did Today!

Monday, May 8

Today everyone was here.  We talked about what each child would like to plant in our garden.  We had four tulip plants (I’d better hurry on these!), five carrots, one corn, one green bean, one tomato, one potato, one basil, and one fire (maybe a jalapeno pepper?)!  That will be a wonderful summer garden.  We will be planting hopefully on Friday.  We have dirt in the dry table along with some worms the kids dug up from the outdoor space.  This should be an interesting investigation.  We will discover if the worms will stay in the dirt, will they eat the compost we add, and will we find additional soil in the table?

All though loud, the kids were very much involved.  Djuna and Eleanor were in the doctor area for most of free time.  They were checking out two patients, one who had fallen out of a car and another who needed surgery although I am not sure what the problem was.  Their scripts were wonderful to listen to.  They incorporated some of what they already knew, with some of the things they had learnt from Rachel and Heather, and somethings that I asked them about.

As I said, there were about five kids outside with Debbie digging for worms.  They found many that were really skinny which they called baby worms.  They made sure the dirt was comfortable for the new worms before adding them to the table.

We had a new set of old tinker toys.  By that, I mean I brought out a box of wooden tinker toys for the kids to compare to the plastic ones.  Ezra, Mason, Jack and Ben took this as their mission for today.  They worked hard to build their weapons.  The old wood ones are much better, but more difficult to put together.  Then they created a game around their weapons.  The best part was that although they created weapons, they weren’t playing super heroes or power rangers, they had created their own script.  This is where the creativity lies.  They needed a little help remembering that they needed to check with others in the area before having weapons around them.

My thanks to Rebecca and Debbie for all of their help today!