What We Did Today!

Friday, May 5

Today we had two special visitors covering some of the medical field.  Rachel, a pediatric nurse, and Heather, an x-ray technician, each shared with us some of the things they do in their jobs.  Rachel brought in a special doll to show us how new babies having difficulties were helped in the hospital.  She showed the kids how the baby breathes using lungs and how the respirator can breathe for the baby.  We saw how to help a baby eat with a tube if they can’t eat.  And we saw how the hospital monitors the baby’s heart.  Thank you Rachel!

Heather showed us x-rays of animals and people.  My favorite was the x-ray of a dog who had eaten his toy!  She showed us pictures of x-ray machine that she works with.  Max had picked out some toys for her to x-ray which she brought to show us as well.  I found out that our bells that are attached to a wooden handle actually have a metal pole that goes half way down the handle to hold the bell in place.  She also had a shell and a train.  Heather brought some hair nets, masks, and gloves for us to keep.  Thank you Heather!

After finishing with our guests, we had set up a place to make a doctor’s kit or first aid box.  So many kids were interested, we used two tables in order for everyone to have a chair.  Be sure to check your child’s cubby for evidence of a first aid box!

Once that was finished, we worked on a special gift for our mothers leaving us about 5 minutes to play.  Even with such a short time, the kids did really well.  We had groups of kids in the gym each with their own storyline.  There was a family group, a penguin group, a bird group, a lava group, and our regular transformer group.  At clean-up, they were helping each other clean-up without being asked (never underestimate the power of dark time!)  As Noah put it, “Even those (three) who I don’t play with came over and helped me with the bike!”  My thanks to Myles and Heather for the wonderful talks they gave us and for all of their help today!