What We Did Today!

Thursday, May 4

Today we wrote and read My Family by Edie Cuellar and My Family by Lucy Roach.  Both were tales of exceptional families and places to visit.

Outside, it was so hot the kids didn’t last too long.  They were searching for worms and other interesting bugs.  Easton and I found an ant trail, but we couldn’t discover where they were going or why.

We tested out some objects in the water table to see what would sink and what would float.  At this stage of development, they ponder this by tossing the object into the water and then telling you what happened.  They are not yet theorizing before testing.  As a way to encourage theorizing, I ask them questions about what they notice and how that might affect the situation. 

The doctor station was busy treating various babies, animals and adults who were willing to join in.  The kids enjoy using the stethoscopes, needles, and bandages.  The dolls and animals are all sporting some colorful bandages.

Henry and Shane were working on the train track for a while then Finn joined them.  They completed a pretty good route for the trains including switches and bridges.

We are still dealing with some exclusion issues, but those involved are working hard to find a way to say, “that’s not fair!” or “I can play too.”   This will help them develop confidence in their abilities to help themselves.

My thanks to Jessica and Kyle for all of their help today!