What We Did Today!

Wednesday, May 3

Today we wrote about what we wanted to be when we were adults.  We had many different careers including ninjas and transformers, as well as doctors, vets, and nurses.  We will be adding this to our community book.  Once the books are all complete, we will have an authors’ tea to celebrate their writing skills.

There was much going on today in all areas of the classroom.  I am finding more and more growth in all of the kids both academically and socially.  We have had quite a few “teacher Sam blank hit me”.  I ask them “what did you say to blank?”  And most of the time I hear back “nothing”.  Hence, we are revisiting how to talk to someone who has hurt your body or your feelings.  I try to stay close to be sure they are being listened to and checked in with when they talk to blank.  As simple as this skill seems, it is one of the most important they will take with them to Kindergarten.  It sets them up for success by showing confidence.  It lets others know they are not afraid to stand up for themselves!

We also had some “I won’t play that game with you if you don’t blank.”  Having heard this one at the start today, I later reminded all of the kids that they are in charge of their bodies and I am in charge of mine.  No one can take that away from you.  If someone says, “I won’t play with you unless we play this”, you have a choice.  You get to decide if your body is going to play this or if your body is going to choose to play with someone else.

Well there you have some idle thoughts from today while I am sitting in the sunshine!  My thanks to Anne and Valerie for all of their help today!