What We Did Today!

Wednesday, May 24

Today we checked out our celery stems which we had left on Monday in a vase of water and red food coloring.  We saw red dots at each end and when we cut across the veins we were able to see lines of red where the red water had actually been drawn up though the veins toward the leaves.  Now we know the job of the roots and the job of the stems!  What’s next?  The leaves of course.

We decorated bags to fill with things we think we might need if we didn’t have a home – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, combs, floss, cloths, etc.  We will be filling them on Friday as only 8 people remembered to bring “stuff” for their bags.  We will also be preparing for our tea so it will be a busy day.

Play dough was busy today.  There were pancakes and cookies as well as poison noodles.  Many scripts were going on with the back and forth of communication that we like to see.  That was happening also at the dry table with the dinosaurs. 

Outside, Lynnae and George were both enjoying the kids as they ran around and around the structure.  Flynn and Hannah were busy digging while Myles was working with the tools.

Myles was sitting with the guineas when Andre decided to build them a maze.  Once it was finished, we placed the guineas into one end and watched as they tried to figure out where they were and what they were supposed to do.  They started to head forward, but were spooked by one of the kids so they got as close to each other as they possibly could.  We tried to lure them with carrots to no avail.  Finally, they started to move again.

After watching for a while, Mason, Jack, and Ben created their own video game using a maze pattern.  As I watched, I heard Ben say, “You got hit in the head so you have to get to the noodles to get back your heart!”  Looking at the floor, I was able to see the maze with the noodles at one end and other food creating the maze.  Wow, I know it is a video game, but it is one they created and they were deciding how it worked, not just copying something they had seen.

My thanks to Cara and Lynne and George for all of their help!