What We Did Today!

Tuesday, May 23

Today we celebrated Barkley’s 4th birthday with rainbow cake and a song!  Since his birthday was 2 weeks ago and he turned four, wouldn’t that mean he was now 5?  We read Avery’s book “My Family” and Otto wrote his book “My Family” to be read on Thursday.  Which brings me to the tea.  We are looking forward to having you to the school for a tea to celebrate all of our authors.  The kids will make scones and there will be some fruit as well as tea.

Even in the heat of today, some kids were outside with Kerri.  I didn’t get my nose past the door so I’m not sure what they were playing, but they didn’t last too long.  There were several new things to explore today.  At the dry table, we have bird seed and dinosaurs.  We have added rocks as well.  There were several scripts going on regarding the dinosaurs that lasted for quite a while.  Eventually, as usually happens, much of the bird seed made its way to the dramatic play kitchen.  It was filling pots, bowls, and tea pots. Carrying “stuff” from the dry table to other areas seems to be an unwritten rule with preschoolers.

The trains and the train affectionottos were busy with several tracks stemming from the center piece.  They had included trees, bridges, houses, and signs to their set-up.  They too added some bird seed to the train area.

Shane, Finn, and Aria were working on the marble run that Shane had made while Avery began to make his own.  Shane switched over to the gears and after Finn and Aria had left, Avery added their tower to his and created an amazing structure.

In the water table, I have added some papier mache materials to the water.  It has and interesting texture and once molded and left out of the table, it will dry and harden.  My thanks to Stephan and Kerri.