What We Did Today!

Monday, May 22

Today at first circle, we checked out our seed experiment which is testing out what seeds need to grow.  We started this last week and so far, there is no visible growth from any of the seeds.  However, we did discover that seeds with water, warmth, and light but no soil, rotted!  We then started a new experiment to discover the job of the stems is.  We will check the results of this experiment on Wednesday.

I enjoyed watching the creativity going on today.  At the dry table, the dirt was switched out for bird seed and dinosaurs.  A group of four were playing around the table for a good twenty minutes.  They had to solve problems, let others join, and accept additions to their scripts.  All of this was accomplished with minimal help.

The same was true in the dramatic play area.  Again, four kids playing together, creating scripts, solving problems and differences of opinions, and enjoying their game.  Another group of four outside were a bit looser, not always playing together, but appreciating each other’s space.  They were climbing trees and the rock wall, hiding in the tall grass like rabbits, and digging in the sand, joining and separating as needed.

We were able to talk about the story “His Name Is Joe” about a homeless man.  I asked them “What would you need to take with you if you didn’t have a home or refrigerator?”  It took a while, but we finally got to toothbrush, toothpaste, food – snack bars, and water – maybe a water bottle that could be refilled.  A toucan was suggested and at that point I totally lost what little attention I had!  The bag that these items will be going into is about 8x8x2.  We will be filling them on Wednesday, so if possible, please bring in whatever you and your preschooler have decided would be necessary.  My thanks to Rachel and Rebecca for all of their help today!