What We Did Today!

Tuesday, May 2

Happy May!  I heard that it was going to be in the 80’s tomorrow, but it is certainly difficult to understand that possibility when you are outside with a misty rain.  At least the kids don’t mind whether it is rain or shine!  Today several were outside climbing.  The playground is still one of the best ways to work with conflict resolution and today was no different.  The kids work through the problems with a bit of help still (which is fine) to come to an agreement or to take responsibility for an action.

I could only find two butterflies today.  Yesterday I found one dead in one of the music bins.  Painted Lady butterflies have a life span of about two weeks and we are at about one and one half weeks.  Of the two left, one of the kids stepped on one so I decided to let the last one go free.  I think all of the kids came out to say good bye to him as he flew back and forth gaining altitude and finally settling in a neighbor’s tree.  It was a good way to end our butterfly discovery.

Michelle was helping several kids glue pictures into their books, which will move us a head faster.  Don’t forget your pictures if you haven’t brought them in yet.  We have read two books, written one additional, and are waiting on the others.  Our Authors’ Tea will be on May 25th at 12:00.

The play dough is very popular with this group.  They love to create various things not to mention the sheer joy of squishing, smooshing, and slapping it.  They have been using new tools to create patterns in the play dough.

There were a couple of picnics going on in the main circle area and a robot mixing what I was hoping would be a milkshake.  However, he went haywire and had to be turned off.  Oh, well, I suppose I didn’t need a milkshake anyway!  I am truly enjoying the groups that have been developing within the classroom.  They are slowly becoming less egocentric as they begin to take others needs into account.  We still have a way to go, but it is beginning!

My thanks to Andrew and Michelle for all of their help today!