What We Did Today!

Thursday, May 18 Today was busy.  I was not in control while Henry and I were writing his book which tends to leave me a bit on edge.  Thanks to Jessica and Mary, things still ran smoothly!  Many kids were outside with Jessica climbing trees, digging and making cakes and pies.   I was really proud of this group when I looked around and noticed three kids at the play dough table sitting next to each other asking for tools and giving tools to each other without any concern that they would get the tool if they needed it. Dashel was building with the cardboard blocks and his creation was getting very tall.  Some kids were upset because they wanted to jump in and help him, but he was enjoying the process solo.  I suggested they move to the other area with blocks and build their own tower.  Off they went!  Again, this is new - the ability to move beyond their egocentric views and accept or suggest creative solutions. Henry was happy to have others build on the train tracks with him as long as they picked a different line.  Barkley and Shane were two kids that did just that.  Otto and Avery were playing pirates which involves taking things from the other kids.  When problems sprung up, a reminder that when kids aren’t playing your game and they say no, we need to listen and stop helped restore balance. Lillian, Simon, Lucy and Sebastian, someone checking out our school, were busy petting and feeding the guinea pigs radishes.  This went on for quite a while and then it was time to return them to their home.  Tule and Shane were practicing their writing skills on the easel and the writing table.  Thanks to Mary and Jessica for all of their help!