What We Did Today!

Wednesday, May 17

Today was loud and energetic, but also kind and calm.  The kids are grouping and then regrouping which shows the ability to work with different types of people, to join and leave play of their own account, and to be confident in themselves.  The games of choice today were doctor, dinosaur, transformers and babies.  The scripts are more involved and allow for more people to join.

Outside, there were diggers searching for worms.  They found the shortest yet fattest worm I have ever seen.  He is now located in our dirt table.  Some of the kids are still interested in searching for worms in the table, but they aren’t easy to find and many give up early on.

Play dough was turned into worms with opportunities for kids to show kids how to roll out play dough.  This moved into hats, halos, and snakes.

The water table has pumps and water wheels.  I have been watching the kids come up with various ways to use the pumps, but they don’t quite get to the realization that the base of the pump must stay in the water for it to work.  They don’t care enough to pursue the issue and instead shake the water out of the pump into the water wheel of cups.  I have told a couple of kids, but I wonder if I should have waited longer for them to figure it out.  How long is long enough or do you just take it away and bring in something else?

At circle were talked about roots.  I asked the kids if they ate roots.  “Yuck” “No way” were a few of the answers I received. After showing them some of the roots we eat, they were surprised at how many roots we eat.  Of course, most of them probably don’t eat parsnips, yams, and rutabagas!  My thanks to Florence and Melinda for all of their help!