What We Did Today!

Tuesday, May 16

Today I was warned as parents came into the class, that the energy level was high while waiting in the hall.  They weren’t mistaken!  It was a high-energy day all around.  Everyone was doing well just at sport car speed rather than my more comfortable minivan speed.

Summar was outside and discovered a web with baby spiders.  Many of us went out to have a look.  We could see the parachute webs all around the area although most of the babies seemed to be headed back to the center of the original web.  Way cool!

There was much play dough use as kids like to come and go at this table joining and then leaving.  This is one of my favorite ways to see how the hand muscles are building.  The kids love it as well and their creative streak comes out in a different way each time.

We made green houses and planted bean seeds then hung them in the window.  As you drop and pick-up your child, make an effort to check them out together.  Look for roots, sprouts, leaves and talk about the condensation if you see it.  These little green houses are mini water cycles happening right in front of you!

We were able to write and read two more books today, My Family by Dashel Money and My Family by Lillian Stewart.  We will be having our tea on Thursday the 25th so be sure to save the date!

My thanks to Kacie and Summar for all of their help today!