What We Did Today!

Monday, May 15

I hope all of you moms had a happy Mothers’ day!  Today we celebrated Djuna’s 5th birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  The bakers once again proved their worth – the kids gave the cake thumbs up!

At first circle, I attempted to read/talk about seeds and how they grow into plants.  Not must interest, but I at least passed on some of the major stages before moving on to our map.  I was hoping to help them use the map as a way to discover who lived the closest to each of them.  This met with mixed results as well, but they were at least interested.  I was able to help several kids complete pages from their books that they had not completed earlier.  We are close to the finish of our community project which will end after discussing those in our community who may not have a home to go to.  We will talk about what would be necessary to take with you if you had to carry it in a small bag from place to place.

The art table was left with nothing on it which resulted in various projects for those utilizing the area.  Flynn was working on his cutting and showing great progress with different types of scissors.  Eleanor and Noah have perfected the art of permanent markers.  They prefer the colors and have come to terms with the ink that gets on their skin (it wears off in a couple of days Sam!)  Mari was working with construction paper crayons which give out a beautiful color and shine to a drawing.  Moon man updated his costume at the art table as well by creating an insignia for his chest and a cape for his back.

Outside, Anne was working with several kids for quite a while.  They were using water in the sand box to mix up something (I’m a bit confused as to what that was other than fun!) 

My thanks to Anne and Rayna for all of their help today!