What We Did Today!

Friday, May 12

Today we wrapped our presents, made cards, and sent home our bundles so they will be ready for Mommy’s Day on Sunday!  Enjoy your day!

During circle, we had a trick question: What does a seed need to grow?  Water, sun, and soil were the choices.  After realizing that they were all right no matter which they chose, we talked about the need for all three.  We set up experiments to find out if seeds do need water, light, warmth, and soil in order to grow.  Have your child explain and show you our experiments when you are next in the classroom.

While I was working with the kids to complete their projects for Mothers’ Day, Jenny was outside with those that wanted to play in the sandbox or dirt!  They were out for a bit, but they came in to help with their presents, they didn’t go back out.

While Jenny was out, Lynnae was helping the others to work cooperatively with the marble run.  She told me that they built several runs and were working together while using them.  Whenever I looked up, it appeared they were all enjoying themselves.  Once the kids came in from outside, the group became pretty large and yet they continued to work together without too much upset.

We have been having a bit of trouble with potty talk (who doesn’t when you are talking to 3-5-year-old?) and hurt feelings.  I will be working with the kids to help them understand how words can hurt as much as hands.  These kids know that it is not okay to hurt peoples’ bodies, but the idea of “feelings” being “hurt” is still hard for them to grasp.  I will be emphasizing that it is not okay to hurt someone’s’ feelings any more than it is to hurt their body.

My thanks to Lynnae and Jenny for all their help today!