What We Did Today!

Thursday, May 11

Today we celebrated Lucy’s 4th birthday with rainbow cake and a song!  The water table is a fishing pond.  The kids are using persistence and patience while catching fish to add to the basket.  Some kids are practicing counting while others are acknowledging the specific type of fish they have caught.  Today, Simon and Edie added an additional item to the table which changed the game.  The brought out some of the manipulatives – small balls and sticks that go together to build things.  Somehow, and understand I was no more than four feet away from them, this new game included much water on the floor and anything else within two feet!  Balls were everywhere as were smiles and laughter.  I’m still not sure what the game was, but they cleaned up after themselves and enjoyed each other immensely! 

Marya was outside with kids during the last part of free time.  It was raining, but as you know, the kids do not care!  They were digging and I think looking for bugs.  They didn’t seem to remember that we had worms in our dry table inside.

There was a lot going on inside as well.  Avery and Edie were trying out the new game “The Ladybug Game” along with Marya and then me.  They are the first of this class to try one of the board games.  Henry was working on the train track when Simon and Edie came to join him.  Between the three of them, they built a nice track with trees, tunnels, and signs all while working together.

The guineas were being cared for by Lillian and Finn so well they weren’t trying to get back to their home.  They were sitting patiently on their laps enjoying the attention.  All things considered, these kids did a great job!  My thanks to Kyle and Marya for all of their help today!

We wrapped up our mothers’ day presents and sent them home.  I hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day whether that is time to yourself or family time!