What We Did Today!

Wednesday, May 10

Today with the hot weather, Sarah was outside with kids the entire free time.  They were digging, creating, and burying in the sand box, building with various sizes of wood, and cleaning up sand around the sand box!  All seemed to be working fairly smoothly with the kids working things out on their own most of the time.

Inside, we were working at the art table with textures.  We had bubble wrap, screen, and bumpy bulletin board paper pieces.  These were painted and then transferred to a clean piece of paper to create a print of each item.  The kids used different colors on the textures and overlapped the prints on the paper.  It was fun to see what they came up with.

There were many doctors taking care of babies at the hospital.  It kept two to four kids busy at a time.  They are learning how to add kids to their script without having to be in charge.  Some were negotiating roles as well as convincing others to change the game to family.

About four kids were at the dry table which presently has a soil mix, cups, containers, and worms that we found on Thursday.  At first, they were sure there were no worms today.  “They must have escaped!”  Then we attempted to look deeper into the tub.  Finally, we found one and then another.  The soil mix was sticking to the worms so that they looked more like sticks that worms.  Mari and Noah decided to make them a palace in the table using a small bucket, the soil, and some of the compost in the table.  We will continue to watch for activity within the soil.

Andre and Ezra were playing with the Widgets.  This is a fun building game that can be played by following pictures or by creating your own buildings.  They were working well together taking turns building.  My thanks to Bridgit and Sarah for all of their help!