What We Did Today!

Monday, May 1

Happy May Day!  Today we celebrated Waverly’s 5th birthday with rainbow cake and a song!  Heidi brought in some plastic leis for all of the kids to wear so Waverly would have a “bit of Hawaii” for her birthday.  Almost everyone helped with the cake today which is really unusual.  James did a great job along with his sous chefs! 

We made some flowers out of crepe paper as a part of a May Day basket.  Some kids attempted to weave the baskets while others stuck with the flowers.

Outside there was digging, water and sand play, and building.  The kids were having a great time even when it started to sprinkle.  The rain doesn’t bother them.  I’m not sure they are even aware that it is raining! 

There were boats in the water table which seemed interesting to a few kids, but not for very long.  They may need something to help them jump-start their creative story lines.

Flynn was here after his long hiatus and seemed quite happy to be here.  He wasn’t ready to talk about his experience yet, but he told me he would sometime.  We will be turning the dramatic play into a hospital soon and give children an opportunity to see what it might be like if you are in the hospital.  If you think of anything you think we should add to our hospital, please let me know.

The butterflies were busy sucking up juice from a slice of orange I put out for them – that is two out of five were.  I found one dead in one of the musical shelves.  There are two others that were we not able to find on Friday who are still not known to us.  It will be time to release them soon.  My thanks to James and Amber for all of their help today!