What We Did Today!

Thursday, April 6

What a joy it was to be here today!  Well, really, it is a joy most days.  This group is coming together well.  I was able to be a part of many activities leaving Kristin and Marya to do all of the work! 

The café was quiet at first with just Shane and me.  Within minutes, it started hopping.  The fire fighters came for lunch, a couple of hamburger buddies came in to test the hamburgers.  A momma and baby joined us as well as a lady who brought her dog and wanted special kibble and water.  Wow, I was promoted to sou chef under Shane’s direction.

Our train engineers set up an amazing track which actually spiraled into the center.  They worked together for quite a while.  They did have some fire issues however – the track kept starting on fire.  The fire fighters had to leave their lunch in order to put out the fire.  Once the track was safe, they were called to the moon where several craters were smoking and needed to be cooled down.  A fire fighters job is never done.

I took a peek outside and watched as two kids were working in the sandbox.  The sandbox appeared to have a large lake in the middle of it as they worked to clear some sand as well as use some of the wet sand for another project.

Finally, the bakery was very busy, even once it was moved to make way for snack.  Many kids have been working on making spring cookies with suns, umbrellas, rabbits, clouds, and many other shapes.  My thanks to Kristin and Marya for all of their help!