What We Did Today!

Tuesday, April 4

Today I had a fabulous day!  I think the kids enjoyed themselves as well, but I was outside for most of the day and only popped my head inside every occasionally.  Outside, we found big, fat worms.  One, in particular, had a band around his middle which I have been told is where the egg case is located.  From there, we continued to search for worms.  We checked the garden, the mud, under stepping stones, and between the stacked boards.  Our final tally was five.  The rest of the time, kids were sliding in various ways – side ways and tummy down were the most popular. There were about four kids who worked the rock wall until they were able to climb it without my help.  They were so proud of themselves!

The water table was set up for baby washing with a side table for powering and diapering.  The baby powder was more exciting than washing, I think.  In dramatic play, we took turns being the chef and the customer.  When I was the chef, I got to make spaghetti and meatballs and peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I much preferred being waited on.  I ordered bacon and eggs, fruit, and milk.  The total bill came to $50!  A little steep, but boy did it taste good.

We had a lot of helpers for clean-up today.  Kids were helping others when they finished with their area making it easier to prepare for circle, or as we noted, a filled in circle.

My thanks to Marya and Caroline, Avery’s grandmother, for all of their help today!

Wednesday, April 5

Today this group continued to show us their growth.  Although chatty, they were listening and commenting on our conversation.  We have been working on rhyming words and they did a super job coming up with a rhyme that would fit at the end of a sentence. 

I was able to wander and watch groups of kids work out ways to work together.  They were also able to break away from a group if they wanted to play something different.  This is serious growth away from their egocentric view of the world.

Outside became the moon with the structure a base and the “bus” a space train.  The astronauts had a digging job to do while out on the moon’s surface. While one girl wanted her friend to do what she wanted, the friend was not going to do it.  We talked about how many companies had lots of different jobs to do, not just one.  The girls agreed that they were both astronauts on the moon and one had a digging job and one had a space train to look after.  There was also a bakery on this moon with the best cakes and pies around!

After finishing snack, the kids have been asked to choose a book to read while waiting for everyone to join us.  Today, with only a few reminders, kids came to circle chose a book and sat down to read.  Some were reading together while others were reading on their own.  It has been great to watch them quietly read without questioning it.  My thanks to Valerie and Heidi for all of their help today!