What We Did Today!

Monday, April 3

Today we talked a bit about the map on the bulletin board.  The kids discovered that the red strings show them where their homes are while the green strings show them some of the places in our community.  We will be visiting some of these places to learn about the jobs in our community and the tools that are used there.  We are showing a dentist, baker, fire fighter, postal worker, teacher and veterinarian.  If the kids are interested in other jobs, we will add those as well. 

Many kids explored outside for a while.  They were playing with the water and sand as well as having a car wash costing $40.  The kids did a good job with the boots thanks to Melinda.  Inside the babies were being washed, dried and powdered before having their diaper put on and dressed.  Now that is a lot of work.  Not that that is news to any of you!  We have two or three kids who would like to be Mamas so they were practicing both at the water table and then back in dramatic play.

The café was busy on and off with the favorite meal being peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The chef quit soon after starting so until we find another chef, no café.

The kids were cleaning up before moving on with some reminders.  This made for an easier clean-up time before snack.  The circle times seemed to go well.  I think we have finally turned a corner on settling, listening, and conversing.  We have been using rhyming words to exit circle and almost all of the kids are able to do this without help!  My thanks to George and Melinda for all of their help today!