What We Did Today!

Friday, April 28

Today we talked about what we liked about the veterinary office.  Then the kids made a page for their books showing what was their favorite part.  Most of the kids said the x-ray of the mommy dog with puppies.  Other favorites were the dog and cat they said hello to and the operating room.

With our butterflies available for holding, Valerie was in the tent area helping each of the kids that wanted to hold a butterfly or just watch one while Valerie held it.  Just before that, we did an activity to show what the proboscis does.  It is like a long tongue that curls up when not in use, but when it’s hungry it unrolls and sucks liquids such as nectar through the proboscis.  I gave each kid a party blower that I had attached a piece of Velcro.  I spread felt flower shapes throughout the room.  The object was to find a flower and pick it up with the “proboscis”.  It was great to watch them.  Many continued to play even after circle was over.

I was outside watching kids digging for treasure, watering the garden, and working on the bus.  I was invited by Djuna to learn how to build a bus.  Rule one at “my school” was to wear a safety helmet.  Djuna didn’t have to because she already knew what to do.  She trusted me with the tools of her school and gave me a vacation when the engine wasn’t working. (which happened twice!)

We started our Ninja book on Wednesday and continued with chapter 2 today.  The kids are enjoying the idea of the Ninjas and they sit up listening intently.  I love this!  My thanks to Heather and Valerie for all of their help today!