What We Did Today!

Thursday, April 27

Today we were able to hold and watch the butterflies!  They were in their tent and two kids and an adult went into the tent at a time.  There is so much awe and wonder when hanging with butterflies.  They remind us of the beauty and joy nature brings to our lives.  Be sure you get outside during our short spans of sunshine with your kids and see nature through their eyes.  It will help you remember what you love about our earth!

Thanks to my parent helpers and the kids doing such a great job working together, I was able to help Barkley and Aesa write their My Family books.  We read them to the class after gym.  The books will be on the bookshelf for the kids to read to you or you to read to them.  They love sharing their books with various people.  I love doing this project despite the amount of time it takes.  I learn a lot from listening to the kids telling me about themselves and their family.  If you haven’t brought in the 8 pictures of your child’s family, please be sure to do so soon.  I’m down to 8 weeks to write and read their stories to their friends and family.

Outside, what started as mud-pie creations turned into a flooded sandbox with much splashing and laughter.  It was so great watching from the other end of the play space while they created their own play and solved their own problems with only a little help from adults.  Now that is growth. 

I think our new kids have started to become comfortable with me, the school, and most of the kids.  They are learning how use words when they don’t like something as well as to ask to play.

My thanks to Kacie and Kelly for all of their help today!