What We Did Today!

Wednesday, April 26

Today we had a guest visitor from the police station, Sargent Q.  He let us ask him questions about his job and some of his tools.  They asked him why he had a gun, what his vest did for him, and what did he do besides catching bad guys?  He was very clear with them about the gun, and specifically told them most of his time was spent helping adults solve problems.  When all of our questions were answered, we were able to go outside and see his police car.  When we got to the parking lot, he had the lights flashing without the siren.  He let us go inside and check out the gear.  He told me he has done this so many times that he knows what to unplug before the kids get into the car!

After our guest was gone, we came back to the classroom and immediately became involved with centers.  Many of the kids were wearing police coats and protecting the classroom.  Some of the kids had a chance to watch and/or hold butterflies.  We didn’t get to everyone, so I will be sure that anyone interested gets an opportunity on Friday.

As I was in the butterfly tent most of the morning, I didn’t get a chance to see much of what was going on within the classroom, but I did notice about 6 kids at the play dough table working together well.  I didn’t hear any problems arise, just lots of fun.  There was watercolor at the art table with only the warm colors.  I like to take out either the warm or the cool colors for a couple of reasons.  One, the painting is less likely to turn straight brown, and two, we talk about how red, orange and yellow make us feel warm while green, blue, and purple make us feel cool.  Later we will do some Georgia O’Keefe style paintings.

My thanks to Florence, George, and Rosie for all of their help today!