What We Did Today!

Tuesday, April 25

Today we had a couple of kids absent.  One vacationing and one sick.  All but three of our Caterpillars have made their books and six of those are ready to write them.  If you have not yet brought in 8 pictures of your child’s family, please do so soon as we have to write, read, and have our Authors’ Tea before the end of May. 

This morning, all of the kids were playing in groups when I came into the classroom from greeting.  They were playing with play dough, gears, trains, pizza, and the dry table.  Later in the day, there must have been 6-8 kids in the loft with Jeff singing and playing instruments.  This was so great and so much fun, that even Shane joined them.

The train set up has been evolving as children learn to allow others to play as well.  Sometimes they each have their own leg of the train coming from the switch plate, while others they are using the same track and set up with different trains.  They are even beginning to realize that if someone has the train they want, they just have to ask and wait until they are done.

Play dough was anywhere from 3 to 7 kids playing at a time.  Again, this is where they are learning to ask for a tool then wait for their turn.  Today there were many kids drilling teeth, mountains, bunnies and anything else that they created with the play dough.

I wasn’t outside but for a second, but Ali said they were working together pretty well.  We have been trying to have the kids use the boots as soon as they come out side to keep the sand inside to a minimum.  Some days it works and other days not so much but we will keep on trying.  My thanks to Ali and Jeff both of whom volunteered to cover for a sick family!