What We Did Today!

Monday, April 24

Today we had a field trip to the Irvington Veterinary Clinic.  The people there are always so great.  It is a tiny office and when you stuff 15 kids and 5-6 adults, well, you can imagine!  We were shown the scale and everyone weighed themselves before we moved on.  In the back, there were various sizes of wire crates against one wall.  There was a cat and a dog in two of the crates.  These were animals belonging to two of the staff so that we would be able to pet some animals.  The kids did really well, but not as well as the cat and the dog!  We were shown the pharmacy and the surgery areas as well, but the height of the tour, at least for me, was in the x-ray room.  This year, they had an x-ray of a pregnant dog and you could see the little puppies’ skeletons as well. 

Walking to and from the vets it rained the entire time, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the kids!  They did a super job of staying between adults, stopping at corners, and waiting for the okay to cross the street.  Once back, the boots came off as well as a few pairs of pants or leggings.  No complaints from any of these kids!  I, on the other hand, still don’t know how I ended up with a wet bottom!

We wrote up another page for our community books, this time the library page.  Wednesday, we will do the vets office.

My thanks to all of our parent walkers as well as to Melinda and Rachel for all of their help today!