What We Did Today!

Friday, April 21

Today as I sit here writing this, I can’t help but be amazed with the most recent growth of these kids.  They are enjoying the Magic Tree House books so much, they sit quietly listening while I read the chapter.  They wonder what is going to happen next and they can tell me things about the book showing me that their comprehension is good.  All I can say is keep up the reading, it is the best pre- and post-literacy exercise of all!

During first circle, we were able to talk about the fire station, what we saw, what tool we liked best, and what job the tool did.  Then we split into 3 groups and created a page for our book by drawing a picture of one of the tools and writing or dictating about the tool and its’ job.

With the weather so glorious, many kids were outside in the sun.  I heard there was at least one sun dance performed!  While I was out, we were looking for rolly pollys under rocks and boards.  We didn’t find rolly pollys, but we did find slugs, worms, centipedes, and a caterpillar.  Max and Ben were busy checking under the bark of our stump and found many bugs.

Inside, those kids who are still working through their need to act out keeping themselves and others safe by shooting bad guys, have finally come to understand or except that we don’t have real bad guys at preschool so we don’t shoot at preschoolers or adults unless they have asked to play the game.  With that understanding, they have been able to enjoy protecting their imagined world while others don’t have to worry about being shot at or brought into a game they have no interest in.  It is a good place to be! 

We now have four butterflies and one Chrysalis in our aquarium.  Be sure to let your child show you.  My thanks to Rayna and Sarah for all of their help today!