What We Did Today!

Thursday, April 20

Today we celebrated Area and Finn’s 4th birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  We met another new student.  Easton and his Mum Kymberli joined us this morning.  Please be sure to welcome them when you see them.  That brings us to 15 students.  We have been working on our “My Family” books by making the actual book that the story will go into.  So far, we have nine books, six packets of pictures and five kids ready to write.  We will start writing on Tuesday.  This will culminate with an authors’ tea on May 25th.  Be sure to put that date on your calendar. 

We had some bumps this morning with kids being uncomfortable in the classroom, but that ended very quickly and everyone seemed to be doing well.  A group of four were working together building houses with Legos, while Shane was working on a marble run.  He has found out the trick of placing the piece with the hole on the side without a hole to make the run continue successfully.  The dentist drill is very popular and has been used with the play dough where it started to the wood working table and up in the music area.

The pizza place seems to create much pizza, but then is left in the oven.  It has not yet become part of the creative stories the kids come up with.  Perhaps next week it will get more of a work out.  Some of the kids were outside with me for a bit playing with the slide, sand, and shovels.  I love that we are always able to dig during free time.  So much is happening while digging – eye hand coordination, literacy as they explain to me and others what they are doing, creative thinking, problem solving, and much physical growth as they dig into the hard clay dirt.  My thanks to Marya and Kristin for all of their help today!