What We Did Today!

Wednesday, April 19

Today we walked to the Albina library to find out some things about the library as well as what tools a librarian uses.  The kids did a marvelous job staying between the bread (adults) and not running ahead.  Nina at Albina Library is wonderful with the kids and choosing books.  She also breaks up the stories with songs and stretches which definitely helps!  On our walk back to school, we looked for the colors of the rainbow and found everything including black, gray, and white.

Once back at school, we had some quiet game time while we waited for snack.  A group of four kids had built a wonderful castle like structure, added roads to race on, and brought out specialty cars for races.

After snack, Cara spent some time telling the kids about her job and some of the tools she uses.  Did you know that as a pediatric physical therapist she has tools like swings of various types?  She gets to play all day with kids from birth to high school age.  Pretty cool job, though not as cool as mine!  Next Monday we have a field trip to the veterinary up on 14th and Fremont which we will also walk to.

If you didn’t notice this morning, be sure to ask your child about the chrysalides and the butterfly.  One down (or rather out) and four to go.  My thanks to all of our field trip walkers as well as Cara and Bridgit for all of their help today!