What We Did Today!

Tuesday, April 18

Today we were busy playing and working in our favorite areas.  Henry had stared with the trains and was ready for Edie to help him build the tracks.  Shane, Lucy and I joined by adding a separate track line.  Aesa and Lillian were feeding and petting Bill and Sun.  We have noticed that Bill is pulling his hair out which is a sign of stress so I carried him around a bit.  Either I, Sun or the class environment is most likely to be the source of the stress.

At the play dough table, many kids were busy drilling teeth and anything else they could fine!  Earlier there were 2-3 kids smooshing and smashing play dough, but by the end of the snack time, there were 8 kids working around the table, taking turns, passing tools back and forth, and having a good time working.

Outside, Andrew had about 4 kids wanting to use the rain barrel to make a lake.  Sounds like fun to me!  They were also sliding and climbing using their whole body to get where the wanted to go.

Shane, Aesa, and Henry helped me to build a very tall marble run.  They had to stretch to reach the marble placement areas.  It was great to see them work together.  At the same time, Edie and Simon were working on Legos.

The dramatic play area has a pizza area where the kids can make their own pizza.  We have crust, Canadian Bacon, cheese, olives, yellow, red, and green peppers, sausage and tomatoes.  I didn’t notice anyone playing in the area, but I did notice all of the toppings were mixed up and on the floor, in the sink and a few were on a crust!

My thanks to Charlie and Andrew for all of their help today!