What We Did Today!

Monday, April 17

Today we had a field trip to the fire station.  While there, we were able to see where the fire fighters spend their time when not fighting fires.  They showed us the fire engine first with its very long hose and while looking into the storage cabinets filled with fans, brooms, axes, and much more, they received a call to an address where someone may have had a heart attack.  So off they went.  The next group took us to see the fire truck which carries every length of ladder you can imagine.  While talking about the truck, they received a call and had to leave.  So, needless to say, we had a shorter trip than we anticipated.  My thanks to all of our drivers.

The tubes in the dry table are very fun and the kids like to see what they can do with them.  At first, they are just pouring into tubes, then they move to see where the pellets come out, followed by gross motor skills as they stretch or climb to reach the higher tubes.  There is also a need for some kids to carry stuff and whatever is in the dry table is fair game.  I noticed some pellets being put into a box with a lid and moved elsewhere, I have containers for this exact purpose on the table near the tubes.  The pellets are scooped then carried somewhere else.  Much is happening in the brain while kids are making their choices.  They are doing something that they find interesting and therefore are willing to test and retest to find the answers to their questions.

While snack was coming together, kids were cleaning up and helping each other before playing quiet games.  The quiet games are usually reading books or building with manipulatives with the only restriction being that the games are “quiet”.

Despite having been on a field trip, the kids seemed fairly even tempered today.  There was much engagement with others in appropriate ways, games with more than 3 people, and cleaning up the classroom.   My thanks to Richard, Jenny, and Anne for all of their help today!