What We Did Today!

Friday, April 14

The Smile Bus stopped by today and the kids did amazingly well.  Of course, any break from routine causes chaos to occur and the Smile Bus was no different.  There was much noise and movement, but generally it was while working together to solve problems and the occasional misunderstanding.  First circle was tough due to the excitement with the arrival of the smile bus, but we made it through and headed for various activities. 

While took kids to the bus, Amber and Ryan monitored the classroom and the outside area.  I was able to see many kids outside enjoying digging and water play.  Inside, the pellets, tubes and boxes were a hit and a mess!  I haven’t used pellets before and I’m not sure what I think.  I do like the questions that come out though. “Teacher Sam, how do I get up to that tube?”  “What can you think of that might help?  Shall we ask your friends for some help?” He asked his friends with no help and looks at me expectantly.  “What would you do if you were at home?”  “Use a stool.”  “Hmm, we don’t have a stool.  What do we have like a stool?”  Looks around, “A chair.”  Problem solved! 

Some problems were not as easy to solve.  In tears, “They took it but I had it.  What I had I should get to clean up.  It’s like a bad guy taking something from a good guy.”  Ah, arguing over cleaning up!  But as it turned out, someone just needed to tell others how he felt when they took something he had first.

We had S.W.A.T dispersed throughout the classroom keeping everyone save.  They do tend to be a bit aggressive, but they listened to the mayor, me, when they got a bit out of hand.  One of my favorite things to see lately, has been watching their faces while reading our Magic Tree House story!  They are listening, answering questions, and of course, asking questions.  It is magic!  My thanks to Ryan and Amber for all of their help today!