What We Did Today!

Thursday, April 13

The Smile Bus stopped by today and the kids did amazingly well.  Most were excited about being on a school bus while a few were feeling a bit timid but willing to try.  Everything went smoothly, we even beat the rain by a second or two.

We continued our tooth brushing practice with some good examples of potential style.  We added some dental study to the play dough table with a dental drill, tweezers, and teeth that work with the play dough.

The moon has been replaced with the dry table which has my favorite box and tubes.  This time with wood pellets.  I love watching the kids work in this area.  There are the ones who immediately find a chair in order to reach the highest tube, while others stay on the floor, but reach as high as they can to pour into the tubes.  This kind of an apparatus leads kids to reach, stretch, process, and plan.  They are frequently working at various levels of the table.  For instance, one child is stationed next to the bin attached to the end with a cup below the tube coming out.  Another is on a chair next to the first pouring into a tube that is well above the top of the box.  And finally, another is midway between the bottom and the top of the box pouring pellets into a tube while a buddy is catching them at the end of the tube.  Fun!

Our writing table became the police station with coats, hats, sun glasses, badges, phone, and walkie talkies.  Several kids tried this job out, but two took it up a notch and became police spies with spy glasses and secret notebooks.

There is much working together in this group which is a wonderful thing.  My thanks to Jessica and Caroline for all of their help today!