What We Did Today!

Monday, April 10

We had our first community field trip today!  We visited with the Pediatric Dentistry on NE 28th and Waco.  The kids did a great job from what I could see.  We were split into four groups with a dental hygienist working with each group in their station.  They made everything fun.  They talked about healthy diet – did you know cheese was good for your teeth?  Showed the kids x-rays of teeth so that they could see the adult teeth huddled below.  They sat on the chair and got a ride up and down while the hygienist took a quick peak into their mouths.  When they were showing them their tools, the kids were allowed to pour water into a cup with the water sprayer, suck it up with the vacuum, feel the polisher on their nails, and smell the gloves – sour apple, cherry, and many others.  When we finished, they sent us home with goodie bags with a new toothbrush, flosser, and stickers.  My thanks to all of the drivers!

Once back at school we had a short amount of time to play while waiting for snack.  There were marble runs, letters being written, trains and people working together, as well as blocks and reading.

Even during gym, although loud, the kids were doing well playing and working together.  We have been reading a “Magic Tree House” chapter book called “Midnight on the Moon.”  The kids are sitting very quietly to listen to the story.  They are quick to answer questions I pop in.  If your child is ready for chapter books at bed time, Magic Tree House is a good one to begin with.  The chapters are short, there is one picture in each chapter, and they research many things that kids are interested in.  My thanks to James and Lynnae for all of their help today!