Thursday, March 9 - What We Did Today!

Thursday, March 9

Today everyone was here and did very well working together and alone.  Like Tuesday, they came in and immediately found something to do.  At the art table, it was mixing red, yellow, and blue to see how many colors they could make.  Henry started working on the marble run when Edie came in so we asked her if she would like to help us.  She agreed and we built a bit before rolling marbles down the run.  Simon showed up about that time and joined in.  They played together for a long time before moving to the gears.  The three started over again building with the gears and adding the monkeys while Henry sang one little monkey jumping on the tree, he fell off and bumped his head….  They were having a grand ole time.  At the same time, they were learning about gears, gravity, taking something from one lesson and adding it to a different situation, language, and problem solving.

Dinosaurs were stomping about in the rock table with their friends while veterinarians were taking care of their patients.  Dr. Aesa was very worried as she had animal patients as well as human patients and her work load was overwhelming.  Dr. Aria came in to help out for a while. 

Lillian has become especially fond of the guineas and asked me if I would take them out so that she could hold them.  I decided this was a perfect opportunity to put them together in their traveling cage while the kids and I watched them.  The guineas were doing fine, but occasionally, Bill (our new guinea) would attempt to show Sun that he was top guinea.  I squeaked at him while tapping his head lightly and then said “be kind”.  The next time he tried to do this, I hear Lillian saying “be kind”.  I think we have a potential veterinarian right here at Irvington!  My thanks to Jessica and Marya for all of their help today!