Wednesday, March 8 - What We Did Today!

Wednesday, March 8

Today we celebrated Mason’s 4 ½ birthday with rainbow cake and a song!  We also read about his traditions in the book “Mason’s Traditions.”  The kids did a good job in circle while we talked about how many kids would like to be veterinarians, how many wanted to be postal workers, and the others shared we us what they would like to be.  There were 5 vet want to bes, 1 postal worker want to be, and 7 others ranging from fire fighter to rescue bots.  We will be taking field trips to some of these places in the next two months.  If you have a profession or hobby that you think the kids would be interested in learning about, let me know and we will schedule you in as a visitor.  The kids love having their parents share their jobs!

Outside there was digging and running while I was watching.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We set up our moveable cage for the guineas and then put Bill and Sun together.  They did okay for the most part although there is still a need to decide who top dog, or should I say top Guinea, causing enough of a worry that I will be waiting a while before they are together permanently.

Today was a day of kids jumping into a project.  It may be a game played before with a friend, or it may be something new to do alone.  Whatever it was, the kids seemed happy to be playing and were very involved.

At the art table the kids made prints.  When asked what a print was, Flynn said “a hand print” yes, but this was a print of a crayon drawing on sandpaper.  Very cool.  My thanks to Melinda and Heidi for all of their help today!