Tuesday, March 7 - What We Did Today!

Tuesday, March 7

Today the kids were absolutely awesome!  They came in and found something to work on right away.  Edie and Simon discovered some buildings that the Butterfly class had made from boxes, tubes, and cones.  They added to the buildings and took things away from the buildings enjoying themselves so much that two or three others came over to join them.  They worked through their not wanting others to join and came up with a solution so that everyone could play. 

They made tube-o-scopes at the art table.  This is a great way for them to begin to see how colors change when mixed with other colors.  Using red, yellow, and blue tissue squares, we overlapped them on a piece of wax paper attached the paper to the end of a cone with a rubber band, and then looked through to see not just red, yellow, and blue, but also green, orange, and purple.

Henry and Finn were busy with the train track, while several kids were outside.  The play dough was busy with kids sharing and creating.

Lillian and I held Bill today.  He seems to be coming along fine.  Lillian can give you and amazing visual of how Bill reacts when he is surprised!

Many kids began playing with the gears.  Slowly at first and then the next time I looked they were using all 13 of the bases hanging up the monkeys on the trees and turning the gears to turn the tree causing the monkeys to fly off.  This was another opportunity to work through conflict resolution as some children don’t like to have others join them.  Everything worked out well.  My thanks to Summar and Ali for all of their help!